Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Final Assignment for Commercial Illustration (PCT200)

My final for this subject.
For my final assignment, I chose to create a composite effect from 2 different pictures. My first intention was to shoot everything in a single frame. However, the bad weather + crowded area made it impossible. Even IS couldn't compensate for all the camera shake.

Here's the workflow:
This was the proposed composition from my sketches. It didn't blend it very real (note the shoes) and to be honest, he looks like a blind man standing in the middle of a busy road. REJECT.

 This is actually my back-up image. I thank my lecturer, Radzuan Hj. Mohd. Rafee for pointing out that this was composition was much better than the original proposal. It was also his idea to crop this image and turn it into a panoramic view. "Cropping takes years to master", he says.

You might have noticed that the colors from the previous picture were rather flat. The weather was not really suitable for a photo shoot (it was starting to rain) and i can't increase the contrast between the midtones and the highlight without destroying the details. B&W really saved this image. I desaturated the image to zero and tweaked the midtones to bring back the crowds in the composite image. Then, i adjusted the shadows to bring out the suit to show emphasis.

 I decided to bring back color on the area of the neck tie. No more tweaking was done and it was off to printing.

 My pictures were hung at the top. All 3 of em. :)

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