Monday, January 31, 2011

what have you been up to, ismail amir?

Hey guys. it's been a while eyh? here's a quick update: i am now officially a UiTM student. yay! i got accepted into UiTM Perak and i am currently doing Diploma In Photography. My course is under the Faculty of Arts & Design. So far, it has been a pleasant ride. I have no trouble adapting to college life even though my age is a bit different from the others in my batch. there are others who are older than me (phewh) but we're all cool about it. the 'seniors' are okay, but some, as expected, are very conscious about their seniority and they'll make sure us 'freshmen' don't forget that they have been in UiTM longer than us. but hey, it's inevitable no matter what college you go to.
My assignments are 'unique' compared to those from other faculties. i have been dealing with a lot of pencils, wood, boxes and so on. pencils for drawing, wood or space frame (3D work) and boxes for pin hole cameras. drawing assignments requires sleepless nights but fun and satisfying.
i was super excited about the pinhole camera project but my first attempt was a big flop. the image turned out black (underexposed). my second attempt was an improvement but it was all reddish. this project is all about trial and error since there are a lot of factors affecting the outcome of my image. some of the factors would be the size of the hole, the distance between the photo paper and the hole and so on. the main factor is of course, time. you'll need an initial reading(first attempt) to calculate how much time you'll need to adjust to get a perfect exposure. like i said, a lot of trial and error is involved.
will upload some pictures tomorrow. bye!

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Kimi said...

auwwww..full englishhh you ~
exciting ke?

ismail amir said...

pundek la you. haha