Thursday, February 3, 2011

baby photography..

..requires patience. that's all i have for you. no patience, no (usable) pictures. i had to make sure the baby is fast asleep and dreaming in baby world. only then can i take out my dslr and start shooting. I was bit worried about using a flashgun because i was scared that the flash will wake up the baby. my best bet was to make sure the baby is in a room with good lighting conditions so that i don't have to resort to speedlites. since i wanted the picture to have a dreamy effect, i tuned the saturation slightly higher to make the picture look warmer. a glowing effect would look nice, but i don't want to get too carried away and lose the originality of the picture. bla bla bla, here, more pictures.
 a bit over exposed.
b&w never fails. turns any picture into 
a work of art. 
golden shot.

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